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Hi-Line Health Foundation

Assuring the availability of quality health care

Why We Care


Our Mission is to support and contribute to assure the availability of quality health care services on the Hi-Line.

We are a team made up of dedicated community members focused on helping our towns. 

What We Do

The Foundation works closely with the medical facility and other healthcare related services within Liberty County and the surrounding area to assure they have the resources needed to serve those in need as best they can.  


Your support is greatly appreciated and we have many ways you can help our efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the money I donated leave Chester or the surrounding communities?

No, though Liberty Medical Center has since joined the Logan Health Family in 2022, all donations made to the Hi-Line Health Foundation remain with the Foundation. The Hi-Line Health Foundation is their own entity with their own tax id number, separate from the hospital. All donations made to Hi-Line Health Foundation will be used to support healthcare services within Liberty County and along the Hi-Line from Kremlin to Devon.

How does a person become part of the Foundation?

Anyone who contributes becomes a member. You become a member if you give a gift to our membership drive, purchase tickets for our annual trip campaign or give outright gifts such as memorials.

How do I request memorial envelopes?

Envelopes can be requested from the Foundation office. Contact Us

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