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These most recent purchases were made possible by contributions made to the Hi-Line Health Foundation.  Such contributions allowed us to be partners with others who are caring and compassionate people who provide support for the services on the Hi-Line. Thanks to you all!

Purchases include: 

  • CT machine
  • Community sanitization stands
  • AED devices for North Star and Chester-Joplin-Inverness Schools
  • AED devices for Logan Health -Chester Assisted Living and resident activity bus
  • Handicap/automatic door opener
  • Resident Activity Bus 
  • Exercise equipment for Sweetgrass Lodge partnering with Fitness Xpress
  • First Responder Equipment 
    • Including: safety vests, multipurpose axes, Sawzall, grinders, cut-off saw, storage and organization compartments, medical kits, Tourniquet, etc. 
  • Lifeguard and CPR training equipment 
  • Memorial Trellis at the Assisted Living  
  • Micro Rider Floor Scrubber
  • Upper Body Exerciser
  • Athletic Taping Station 
  • MaxPro Cable Machine 
  • Recumbent Bike 
  • RHC Sprinkler System 
  • EMT Course for Liberty County and Hill County Ambulance Services

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