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Memorials & Donations

When we lose a family member or friend, and we want to honor their memory how do we make monetary donation? 

Donations can be made to Hi-Line Health Foundation as a memorial donation. These funds will go towards helping support healthcare services. Pre-addressed envelopes with fillable lines for memorial recipient and donation information can be requested from the Foundation office.  

What is the process when a memorial donation is made? 

First and foremost a letter will be sent to the individual making the donation thanking them for their contribution. Next, a letter is sent directly to the family announcing a donation has been received by the Foundation in memory of their loved one. All the funds are tracked in the Foundation office and a list will be sent informing the family of the amount of donations made in memory of their family or friend. The family is asked how they want to designate the use of these memorials, their options include any local Logan Health – Chester department, be it the clinic, long term care, acute care, assisted living, radiology, physical therapy, resident’s activities, emergency care unit etc. 

If after four weeks, the family does not have a specific designation then memorial dollars are placed in a fund called spendable memorials. These combined memorials are spendable at the discretion of the Foundation Board Members. The board uses this fund to assist with the purchase of more expenses items not funded by budget restraints. 

Your memorials gifts are a lasting memory for your friend and family. “Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bond together” 

Our heartfelt thanks for your overwhelming consideration and generosity which has allowed our facility to be the constant beacon of hope for medical needs of our communities of the Hi-Line.                        

Please reflect on the personal satisfaction that you as donors can gain from Year End giving the Hi-Line Health Foundation. Your charitable gifts may include bonds, cash, life insurance, mutual shares, retirement plans; securities are just some of the possibilities to consider. Always consult your tax accountant or financial planners for strategies that would benefit you and your future through charitable gifts. 

Thanks again for remembering the Hi-Line Health Foundation with your gifts, large or small. They are most important to the survival of our hospital. 

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